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Period photographs, along with personal accounts, are a wonderful way for historians and researchers to find out more about the League of German Girls - from how uniforms were worn and how equipment was packed up and carried, how many different styles and shades of uniforms existed, to what the most common hairstyles were, or how camps and youth hostels were laid out. The purpose of this gallery is to aid the serious researcher and scholar, particularly since there are few books about the League of German Girls in print currently. A special thanks goes to the following people who have contributed images to this website: Stephan Hansen, Antik-Sammler, Photosammler, William Linsenmeyer, Sven Masch, Brian Crawford, Tony Kukkonen, Mike Reddy, Drew Maynard, Paco Crespo, and Fiona Natalie Holden. If I have forgotten anyone, please email me so that I can include your name. If you are the current owner of any of these photos and you would like to be credited or have the images removed, please contact me via email. Please consider the purpose of this website before asking for removal of the photos.
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Primary Sources
Throughout the years of researching and collecting the League of German Girls I have come across many original books and magazines that were in very rough shape. Some had yellowed, brittle pages; some had large stains or missing pages; and others were nearly irreparably damaged. Many are in the hands of collectors who keep them filed away as objects of value, rather than sources of research. I believe that research materials should be accessible to those who are interested, and that the best way to do this is by digitizing these sources and putting them on my website. I take (and welcome!) contributions to this section, and if you have any magazines or books that were either published by or about the League of German Girls, please consider donating them to this project by scanning them at large resolution. You can email the scanned images to me, or mail them to me on a CD-R or floppy disk. Any byline and credit you request will, of course, be given.
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